Expat iran tehran school accomodation

Special Happy package

A one-day Discovery Tour that gives expats the ins-and-outs of life in Tehran even before their arrival.

Super Happy Package

This 3-day package includes a Discovery Tour and Home Search giving exclusive access to some of Tehran’s most desirable accommodations.

Deluxe Happy Package

A comprehensive package including Discovery Tour, Home Search and Settling-in services, designed to help your staff through the vital first months of arriving in their new life.

Happy Corporate Package

At Happy Mobility Relocation Services, we understand that the expatriation process starts long before the expat’s final arrival.

Extra Happy Services

Happy Mobility Relocation Services believes in minimizing agents and intermediaries to reduce confusion and to optimize time and money.

Iran Relocation tehran expat accomodation

Relocation Services for Expats by Expats

Happy Mobility Relocation Services was founded by two Expat women who desire to share their experiences of expatriation and knowledge of Iran with new incoming expatriates.

With strong local connections

We support expatriates and their families for their assignment by designing tailored and reliable services to lead them through a smooth relocation.

Freeing you up to focus on the job in hand

By selecting Happy Mobility Relocation Services, you will quickly put in action your expatriate, and turn international mobility into a professional and personal success.

Latest Blog News

International Schools in Tehran

19 January 2017

You have a job proposal in Iran…How will you manage the move? Are there any international schools in Tehran? What is the best choice for my kid(s)? Happy Mobility Relocation Services, an Iran based relocation company, has listed the international schools currently available in the City.  We can support you to...

Being an Expat Woman in Tehran

19 January 2017

Last night, your husband came back from work and announced you that his company offered him a job as an expat in Tehran. What were your first feelings? “ Tehran, oh my god!!! I will have to wear a scarf?” “Our little daughter will have to wear a scarf in Iran??”,...

Earthquake in Iran

21 August 2017

Safety is possibly the very first think you think about as soon as you receive a proposal to expatriate to Iran. Earthquakes are amongst greatest risksfacing Iran. This is because the country sits on the tectonic intersection of four major continents: Eurasia, India, Africa, Arabia.

Pollution in Tehran

21 August 2017

PM2.5 levels are considered the best measure of the impact of air pollution on health. The new World Health Organisation database of worldwide air pollution measures put the Iranian city of Zabol, on the eastern border with Afghanistan, as the world’s most polluted city, based on PM2.5. Located in a...

Transport in Tehran

17 April 2018

Even though Tehran has a seemingly limited public transportation system as compared with most major European cities and suffers from major gridlock, the fact is travelling in and around the city could not be easier.

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